Sultrate - Wind - Proof Lighter

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Pass The Torch With Sultrate- The Last Lighter You'll Ever Need

Tired of going through lighters like tennis shoes? Not after today.... Introducing Sultrate- The one and only lighter you can depend on to light the flame.

Highly durable and carries a strong flame throughout any weather conditions. Which means no matter the weather conditions this bad boy will still carry a strong light

Made with a compact ABS on the outside that's shockproof and doesn't break, crack or shatter. Making this thing nearly indestructible.

Lastly, it also makes for a great gift as well. Whether that's for a friend to light up his cigars, for the fellow outdoor enthusiast to roast some marshmallows or even for a fellow DIYer this makes for a cool gift for anyone to have.

If you're looking for the torch that does it all and then some then Sultrate is for you. Passing on the flame one torch at a time.

Key Benefits

Wind-Proof- So that means you never have to worry about the flame blowing out or all over the place. Lights up anything no matter the weather condition.

Strong Flame- This means you never have to worry about it carrying a weak flame over time. It can last for years and years and still carry a strong torch just like it did on day 1.

Cool Gift Idea- For any occasion, you can think of. Whether it's using it for outdoor purposes, lighting up a cigar, starting up the stove doesn't matter Sultrate is the answer!!